Scots football fan has day made by sweet gift from hero player

A Scots football fan has had his day made by a sweet gift from his favourite player that he was not expecting.

Big Hibee Lewis McKinnon, 28, took his son, wee Archie McKinnon, six, to Easter Road to see the Edinburgh side play Motherwell on May 15 and after the game met some players.

The youngster had a special gift for his favourite player Nathan Moriah-Welsh who he had been waiting to see and when he gave him the special present, Nathan went to the car to get Archie something too - much to his surprise.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Lewis said: "After the game, the players were coming out and signing autographs and getting pictures with fans and you could see in Archie’s face he was getting excited and nervous and kept asking when he would be coming.

"When Nathan came out he went and saw everyone else and then came and saw Archie. Archie’s face was a picture of pure emotion of joy and shock.

"Archie handed him the gift he had got for Nathan and he was so grateful to receive it, Archie never expected to get anything back."

The proud dad continued: "Nathan then went to his car and came out with a signed match top and worn boots both having a message on it for Archie saying 'thank you for all the support all season buddy, hope to see you soon and keep in at your football'".

"As a parent, seeing my son’s face, it could have spoken a thousand words. I was so grateful for the memories that night it was so special Archie was bouncing in the car all the way home he couldn’t wait to tell his mum and sister and also his friends at school the next day".

He added: "I enjoy living the dream of taking my boy to the football and seeing the biggest smile on his face. I started going to games from about the age of five with family members and having a season ticket with my brother. Archie has been going to Hibs games home and away for about two years now.

"From myself I would like to say a big thank you to Nathan for taking his time to make a memory for Archie that he will never forget."

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