Scots mum almost died twice in hospital during 15-day ICU battle with 'dead kidney'

Fiona with her mum Donna
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A Scots mum almost died twice in hospital after sepsis left her with a 'dead kidney' during a 15-day ICU battle.

Donna Skalley, suddenly took unwell at home one night, by the next morning she was incredibly poorly and her skin had gone a "purply colour" sparking an emergency response. The 56-year-old from Paisley was rushed into the Royal Alexandra Hospital on October, 30 last year, where medics fought to save her.

Donna had developed severe renal infection and had lost function of one of her kidneys. Surgeons whisked her into emergency surgery, where her heart stopped during the procedure.

Daughter Fiona, 26, told Glasgow Live of the moment her mum was admitted to hospital, which she says all happened "so fast".

Fiona said: "I was chatting to my mum on the Friday having our usual catch-up - it was Halloween weekend so she had asked me to send her pictures of my costume and from the party. At that time she was absolutely fine, just her usual self.

Fiona last week with her mum Donna and dad Paul
Fiona last week with her mum Donna and dad Paul -Credit:Supplied

"Then come Monday morning my dad called me while at work and said 'not to worry you but mum's in hospital', so I left work straight away and headed to A&E. When I arrived the doctors said she had a blocked kidney and would need to go for emergency surgery straight away.

"When they were unblocking her kidney her heart stopped for a full minute - staff then called us to say they got her heart going again with CPR and that she was being taken to ICU".

Medical staff managed to get stents fitted and unblock Donna's kidney however, described her condition as serious saying she was "very ill". As well, the mum-of-one was septic which resulted in her legs turning a purply colour.

Fiona said it was "completely out the blue, she was fine on the Friday then all of a sudden in ICU on the Monday". She and dad Paul paid an emotional tribute to the dedicated ICU team who looked after her, spoke to her and played music to her.

After 15 days in ICU Donna was moved to high dependency for a few days before spending the remainder of her hospital stay in the Urology ward. Fiona has paid a heartfelt thanks to the "truly incredible" staff, as she hailed them for bringing her mum back.

Fiona is "forever grateful" that she now has her mum "back"
Fiona is "forever grateful" that she now has her mum "back" -Credit:Supplied

She added: "During this time there were moments where I thought I was going to lose my mum, I can't thank the ICU staff enough for bringing her back to me."

Donna has been back in the Urology ward since being discharged from her life-saving treatment in early December last year. She continues to recover from home and builds up her strength each day.

Fiona has launched an online fundraiser in support of the ICU unit at the RAH hospital in Paisley. The team will be walking from Erskine Bridge to Balloch on Sunday, July 7 and have since set up a GoFundMe for well-wishers to contribute.

During a message posted to the fundraising page, Fiona wrote: "If it were not for the incredible doctors and nurses in ICU my amazing mum would not be here today. ICU were the most kind, caring team of staff, letting us stay until 2am some nights when I just couldn’t leave mum’s side, keeping us informed every step of the way."

Discussing life after the ordeal, Fiona said: "You definitely feel more grateful, I mean I have my mum back. There was a point during those weeks where I thought I would never speak to her again - now, we can go back to having our phone calls, having a laugh and getting a cuddle.

"I'll be forever grateful - they brought my mum back to me".

To donate to Fiona's fundraiser, click here.

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