Scots nurse wins £12k compensation after getting lung condition from abestos at hospital

Whistleblowing nurse Lesley Roberts pictured outside Inverclyde Royal Hospital.
-Credit: (Image: Daily Record)

A former nurse has been awarded thousands of pounds in damages for an asbestos-related condition she got while working in a hospital.

Lesley Roberts, 58, gave up work due to ill health, claiming her lung condition was caused by working in the old Ravens-Craig Hospital in Greenock.

About four years ago she was found to have scarred lungs caused by asbestos. She says it was known the building contained the substance.

In recent years there have been many accusations levelled against Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board about the safety of the site, with claims of dangerous levels of metals including lead, mercury and cadmium in the grounds.

Now Lesley, from Inverclyde, believes her case will “open the floodgates” for similar claims. She said: “I would absolutely encourage other people who have been suffering to make a claim.

“Some people may be wondering where they got pleural scarring, like me, asbestosis or mesothelioma.

“But if they worked at Ravenscraig or were a patient in there, that’s where it will have come from. I worked in Ravenscraig during my nurse training between 1986-88. I then worked in Ravenscraig between 2003 and 2017.

“From 2003 onwards, the staff were concerned about the environment we were working in. We knew asbestos was everywhere in that building and, despite this, we were kept on site.

“We were faced with lifting wet asbestos off the floor when roofs leaked and collapsed.

“We tried to express our concerns and were closed down by the management.”

In 2020 Lesley developed breathing issues and a scan showed a scar on her right lung due to asbestos exposure.

A few days ago she received word the health board had offered her £11,750 for the damage. If her condition worsens she’ll be entitled to make a further claim.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said it does not comment on individual claims.

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