Scott Boras denies accusation that he failed to market Jayson Werth during offseason

Scott Boras denied that he failed Jayson Werth during free agency last offseason and offered to provide documentation to prove it. (AP)

Outfielder Jayson Werth retired in June following a 15-year MLB career.

He wasn’t ready to quit and on Tuesday and blamed his former agent Scott Boras for failing him during the offseason in an appearance on the Howard Eskin Podcast.

“I had offers in November, and I was advised by my former agent to wait; ill-advised, I guess,” Werth said.”

Jayson Werth: Teams didn’t know he wanted to play

After waiting, Werth said that he contacted every MLB team but the Mets and was told that Boras did not let them know he was available to play.

“Some guys were surprised to hear from me – they didn’t know that I wanted to play. Which was surprising, because I wanted to play,” Werth said. “I let my agent know I wanted to play. And they said they either hadn’t heard from him, hadn’t heard from me, just didn’t know that I was available. So that’s one of the reasons why I’m no longer with that agent.”

Boras says he contacted every team on Werth’s behalf

On Wednesday, Boras released a statement denying Werth’s accusations and offered to provide documentation to prove his case.

“Unfortunately, it appears someone has misled Jayson. We contacted all 30 teams numerous times during the offseason on his behalf, and we have phone logs, emails, and other records to back it up. We received no offers for Jayson in November, or otherwise. We are always prepared to support our work against inaccuracies spread by third parties. We understand the frustration and disappointment players can face and wish Jayson all the best.”

Boras played a significant role in last offseason’s slow free agent market, advising his clients to wait out better offers. Whether that tactic cost Werth a chance at playing another season is unclear.

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