Scott Cooper murder trial: witness thought it was 'a wind up' at first

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The Scott Cooper murder trial continues.
The Scott Cooper murder trial continues.

A WITNESS who said she saw the body of Scott Cooper on the floor in Piers Brazier's flat thought it was a joke at first, a murder trial was told this week.

The jury heard how Aimee Beazley, whose video interviews with police were played in court on Thursday, thought Mr Brazier and Mr Cooper were winding her up to start with.

She said she was thinking "it was jam and jelly down there", and it was all a joke.

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The court heard Ms Beazley nudged Mr Cooper's body with her foot, telling him to get up, thinking it could have been staged.

Ms Beazley said Mr Brazier was crying on the phone to her, and told her to come for one last time to say goodbye.

She told police she thought he was going to hurt himself, jumped in her car and went over.

The court heard Mr Brazier stopped her and asked her to cuddle him for five minutes in the hallway of flat 3, and she asked him what was going on.

Ms Beazley said he started not making much sense, and kept telling her "it was him or me".

She said she looked to the front room and saw someone on the floor.

Ms Beazley gave evidence from the witness box yesterday morning (Friday).

Prosecutor, Adam Feest QC, went through the logistics of the flat, and relative position of the body, blood and knife, with her.

Ms Beazley was then asked a series of questions by Ignatius Hughes QC, defending.

Ms Beazley confirmed, between 10.10pm until around 11pm, she made repeated attempts to contact Mr Brazier.

Asked by Mr Hughes why, she said it was because someone had got in contact with her to give her a warning, in a roundabout way.

Asked if she had been told by somebody who didn't give his name that Mr Brazier was in danger that night, Ms Beazley said no — not in those words — but that was the impression she was left with.

The trial continues.

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