Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross' election campaign takes flight with a trip to aerospace cluster in Ayrshire

Martin Dowey and Douglas Ross discuss the General Election during their walkabout in Ayr
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Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says he was “delighted” to be campaigning across Ayrshire ahead of the General Election on Thursday, July 4.

Mr Ross visited the Prestwick Aerospace Cluster on Tuesday morning to see how the Storm Aviation hub - as well as Woodward’s Aircraft Engine Systems - are creating opportunities and to discuss how further highly-skilled jobs can be brought to Ayrshire.

He then went onto Ayr High Street, alongside Scottish Conservative candidate for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, Martin Dowey, to meet with local businesses before speaking to local voters about their priorities.

Mr Ross said that Ayrshire has long been overlooked for investment in favour of cities by the SNP Government, and insisted that only Tory candidate Dowey can beat the SNP in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock.

Scottish Conservative leader Ross said: “I was delighted to visit Ayrshire on the General Election campaign trail and speak with local voters alongside our fantastic candidate Martin Dowey.

Douglas Ross is pictured at the aerospace cluster in Prestwick
Douglas Ross is pictured at the aerospace cluster in Prestwick -Credit:Submitted/Ayrshire Post /

“It was great to be shown around the Prestwick Aerospace cluster and see the opportunities available in the aviation sector. However, there is more we can do. Ayrshire has long been overlooked in terms of investment in favour of cities, but at July 4th’s General Election voters locally can change that.

“If voters unite around the Scottish Conservatives and our candidate Martin Dowey, then we can beat the SNP and ensure the focus is on people’s real priorities such as creating good jobs, growing our economy and keeping our communities safe.

“Martin has been a terrific leader of South Ayrshire Council and would be an MP who would champion local issues, rather than a SNP MP who would only obsess over independence.”

Dowey added: “It was great to be joined by Douglas Ross as the General Election campaign continues to ramp up. I would be honoured to be the next MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock and champion people’s local priorities in Parliament.

“Voters locally know that I am the only candidate who can beat the SNP, end their independence obsession for good and move the focus onto the issues that really matter to them.

“I will fight for investment across Ayrshire, stand up to save our local hospital and push for our roads to be urgently upgraded."

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