Scottish family's dream holiday turns to hell after grim discovery in caravan

Vicki Kilburn, 33, and partner Liam Lemancyzk, 33, took their kids Lyle, 10, Oscar, 7, and one-year-old Jude to Craig Tara.
-Credit: (Image: Daily Record)

A Scottish family were left disgusted after they arrived at a mouldy caravan for their holiday.

Vicki Kilburn, 33, and partner Liam Lemancyzk, 33, forked out £1,000 for a week-long summer holiday in Craig Tara with their three children Lyle, 10, Oscar, 7, and one-year-old baby Jude.

The family checked into the Haven holiday resort in Ayrshire on July 1, but were so horrified by their accommodation they decided to leave just four days after.

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As the Record reports, mum Vicki found black mould walls, filthy carpets, torn curtains and chewing gum stuck to the walls. She also spotted black mould growing on the pillows she had slept on with her husband and baby.

The hairdresser, whose baby son was born four months early and has a chronic lung disease, has called on the caravan to be condemned as a "health hazard".

Vicki said: "Our summer holiday was completely ruined. The caravan was absolutely disgusting, it needs to be condemned. When we arrived, it was freezing and the gas fire was broken.

"We went to bed and the next morning I found black mould all over the pillows in the bed me, Liam and our baby had been sleeping on.

"I was horrified and panicked about Jude's health. He was born prematurely and spent 123 days in hospital with a collapsed lung. He recently came off of oxygen.

“I can’t believe he spent a night sleeping with us on mouldy pillows. It is shocking."

Vicki claims she made a complaint about the mouldy pillows to on-site reception on Tuesday, July 2, but said her concerns fell on deaf ears.

She went on: "The full caravan was filthy. There was dog hair everywhere and chewing gum stuck onto the walls. The gate outside was hanging off and the curtains were dirty.

“I just wanted home the whole time, I only stuck it out for my kids.”

In a bid to save the family holiday, Vicki said she tried to clean the caravan herself but came to the end of her tether and called it a day on Friday, July 5.

"I was left to try and clean the caravan myself, I tried my best but it was so dirty it really needed a professional deep clean. On Friday we handed in the mouldy pillows into reception and told them we'd had enough.

"We couldn't stand another minute in there," the mum-of-three said.

Park bosses insisted they weren't aware of mould covered pillows until Friday, July 5.

It is understood that the park’s maintenance team were made aware of the gas fire issues.

Haven apologised for the state of the caravan and admitted the accommodation fell short of their “usual high standards.”

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A Haven spokesperson said: “We are sorry that our accommodation didn’t meet our usual high standards of cleanliness and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“We have strict cleaning and hygiene policies in place which we regret were not followed on this occasion and we have taken several steps to address these with our team on park.

“We encourage our guests to make our team aware of all issues immediately so that we can rectify them.”