Scottish farmers form tractor guard of honour as Queen's coffin passes through Aberdeenshire

Scottish farmer paid a touching tribute to the Queen as her coffin passed through Aberdeenshire on Sunday by parking their tractors to form a 'guard of honour' either side of the road.The late monarch's coffin was transported from Balmoral to Edinburgh on a six-hour journey on Sunday, passing the tractors in the morning.

Video transcript

- At Edinburgh Castle and these are scenes and centers of enormous significance in the identity of Scotland and it's important that this important moment of transition, they are properly reflected and observed within the accession.

- And indeed King Charles having to make an oath specifically about the independence of the Church of Scotland as part of that because it was back in the time I think it was Charles the first was it not, that he was trying to impose a different order in Scotland which was such a central part of the Reformation and so such strong Protestant values at that time.

- Well these are ancient elements of Scottish society and they remain relevant because they were so central to the accession ceremony yesterday, so--