Scottish fish and chip shop egged by mob angry at owner celebrating death of Queen

A fish and chip shop was surrounded by angry protesters after the owner opened a bottle of champagne and raised a toast to the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In a now-deleted video the owner of Jaki Fish and Chip Shop in Muir of Ord, Scotland held up a placard proclaiming ‘Lizard Liz is dead’ and shouted “Woohoo! London Bridge has fallen!” as she tried to spray a bottle of fizzy wine.

“London Bridge is down” is reportedly the way in which the death of the Queen would have been communicated to the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, by the Queen’s Private Secretary.

Following the video, taken just moments after the death of the Queen was announced, a mob of locals surrounded the takeaway reportedly hurling eggs and ketchup at the windows.

The owner Jaki Pickett had to flee the car park escorted by police to loud boos from the crowd.

The chippy, which has since been bombarded with bad reviews, is plastered with chalkboards that claim the New World Order lizards created Covid-19, 9/11 was an inside job and 5G is a brain control ray.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said on Friday: “Shortly after 8.30pm on Thursday, September 8 officers attended at a business in the Seaforth Road area of Muir of Ord following a report of a large crowd gathered in the area.

“Officers remained at the scene to ensure the safety of all present and the group subsequently dispersed peacefully. No further police action has been required.”

There were no reports of any injuries.

Since the video went viral the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) revoked Jaki’s membership.

They said: “The NFFF has been made aware of social media posts made by one of our members that are in extremely bad taste and completely against all of the values our organisation and industry hold dear.

“We have discussed this as a board and have taken the decision to revoke the membership of this business owner and we will be writing to them and asking them to remove all association of the NFFF from her business, social media and websites.”