Scottish girl who sang hit body-positivity song at camp has been invited to fly to New York to meet the artist

A little Scottish girl who went viral after a singing a hit body-positivity song at a summer camp has been invited to fly to New York to meet the artist.

Rosie Mae Tiffoney (corr), seven, sung Jax's Victoria's Secret - and her mum Kim Bullion, 31, recorded it and shared it online.

The song is about the famed lingerie brand and how it allegedly promotes unattainable beauty standards for young girls.

In the video, Rosie can be seen performing the track on a stage full of other kids at Singer Station Summer Camp.

The youngster nails every word, and when Kim posted the video to her daughter's Instagram page it went viral.

And it also caught the attention of Jax herself, real name Jackie Miskanic - who reached out to Rosie on direct message.

The artist said she loved the video, filmed on July 24, and invited Rosie and Kim out to New York for five days to meet her - paying for the pair's flights and accommodation.

Kim, from Glasgow, said: "Ever since Rosie has been talking, she has been singing.

"Jax is her idol, so when I came to watch her perform I wasn't surprised she was singing one of her songs.

"I just thought she sounded so good, so I posted the video on Rosie's Instagram and it blew up.

"Next thing I know Rosie, said she had a message from Jax - it was crazy.

"Jax said she'd been feeling anxious about her new song but watching Rosie sing it had warmed her heart, and she then invited us out to the States to meet her.

"We go next month, and Rosie is absolutely buzzing - she couldn't be happier!"

Victoria's Secret has been criticised for several years over claims of advertising unrealistic standards and perpetuating negative body images.

Amy Hauk, the CEO of Victoria's Secret, posted a response to Jax's song on Instagram earlier this month.

Addressed to the 'VS community', it said: "I want to thank Jax for addressing important issues in her lyrics.

"We make no excuses for the past. And we’re committed to regaining your trust."