Scottish Parents Allege 'Ghost' Visited Baby as Light Appears on Monitor

A Scottish couple said they captured video of moving lights appearing beside their baby as he slept in the early hours of August 29, alleging the footage is proof of a ghost in their home.

Robert Thorrat and Cheryl Scott live in an East Ayrshire home that used to belong to Scott’s grandparents. Scott told The Daily Record she believes the light was her grandparents coming to visit the baby. She also said the camera is fixed facing the infant and should not be able to pivot, as it does about 90 seconds into the video.

Reports of supernatural phenomena in baby monitors are not uncommon. However, experts have said these moving lights may have more mundane causes.

According to SimpliSafe, a home security company, seeing orbs or bubbles in baby monitors is a normal occurrence due to “backscatter,” or near-camera reflection, as well as the location of the camera.

“Backscatter happens when dust, water droplets, or other particles are present on or very close to the lens, causing light to reflect through the unfocused images,” according to SimpliSafe. “If your camera is near or directed toward a bright light, such as a street light or flood light, this can also cause backscatter to occur in the recording or stream.” Credit: Robert Thorrat via Storyful

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