Scottish Socialist Party confirm candidate for Rutherglen at 2024 General Election

-Credit: (Image: WSH])
-Credit: (Image: WSH])

The Scottish Socialist Party have confirmed Bill Bonnar as their candidate for Rutherglen at the 2024 General Election.

If elected on July 4, Bonnar has pledged to only take the average local worker’s wage of about £30,000 from the MP's salary of £91,346 - donating the rest to workers’ strike hardship funds, community organisations, and socialist campaigns.

Bill has pledged to stand up for workers' rights and has urged voters to not "waste your vote on any of the parties of the rich and big business."

He said: "I am proud to be the candidate who will stand up for workers, trade unionists, and young people, against all the parties of the rich and big business.

“The Scottish Socialist Party pledges to the people to fight might and main for a massive redistribution of wealth from the rich to the rest of us, to combat the crimes of poverty and inequality in this, the sixth-richest economy on Earth.

Bill Bonnar is standing for the SSP in Rutherglen and Hamilton West
Bill Bonnar stood during the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election last year -Credit:Scottish Socialist Party

“It’s criminal that 1.3 million Scots literally cannot afford to live, due to poverty pay, basement level benefits, and the lowest state pensions of any country in Europe.

“The SSP will be campaigning for a package of concrete measures to use the wealth of Scotland for the benefit of its people, not for the profits of a handful of billionaires, millionaires, and big business.

“We will continue our campaign for free public transport for all, taking bus services and train companies into a publicly-owned People’s Transport Service – which would save local workers at least £28 a week - £1,400 a year – in bus fares just to get to work.

“We oppose punitive measures that hammer the lowest-paid, and fight for the only real solution to pollution which also combats poverty – an expanded, reliable public transport service that is free at the point of use.

“The SSP will highlight other measures that would transform working-class people’s lives, like a guaranteed £15-an-hour minimum wage from the age of 16, scrapping the lower youth rates; abolition of all zero hours contracts and their replacement with a guaranteed minimum 16-hour week for every worker who wants one; abolition of the two-child benefits cap and bedroom tax, which the Tories imposed and Labour will keep.

“Faced with a crushing housing shortage and soaring rents we will fight for the public ownership of the big construction companies to build 100,000 environmentally advanced council houses at affordable rents.

“There’s plenty of wealth in this nation, but all the mainstream parties and their candidates want to leave the bulk of that wealth in the hands of the rich.

“We and the entire SSP will continue to campaign for an immediate end to the genocidal war on Gaza, demanding an end to British arms sales to Israel, an end to Scottish government subsidies to the war-profiteering arms companies – for peace and socialism.

“Our appeal to people hungry for change, desperate to see the back of the Tories, is not to waste your vote on any of the parties of the rich and big business.

“Vote for the party rooted in the working class, in the trade unions and communities – the Scottish Socialist Party.”

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