Scottish student neglected kids in 'squalid home with mouldy food covering floor'

Hannah Kleppang.
-Credit: (Image: Gordon Currie)

A student who lived in squalor has been convicted of neglecting two children she was supposed to be looking after in the property.

Hannah Kleppang, who has studied Modern History at St Andrews University, admitted looking after the children in a filthy house in Dundee.

Dundee Sheriff Court was told that the carpets within the property were covered in a layer of litter and mouldy food when police raided it.

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Officers discovered the youngsters being looked after in a squalid house where they were being endangered by the conditions and a lack of proper food.

Kleppang, 27, Dundee, admitted being in charge of two children, aged seven and three, when she wilfully neglected them at a property in the city on March 5 this year.

She admitted treating them in a manner likely to cause suffering or ill-health by failing to provide adequate living conditions, food or proper care to them.

Kleppang admitted the property was in a "state of complete disarray", with litter and mouldy food covering the floors of the rooms.

Sheriff John Rafferty placed Kleppang under social work supervision for 12 months and said: "It is to be hoped this conduct will not be repeated.

"If you get into this sort of trouble again, you will have to be dealt with in a different way."