Scottish woman encounters hungry sea otter tucking into a crab

Watch the moment a Scottish woman ran into a hungry sea otter who was tucking into a crab. Jane Sayliss was having an evening stroll near the village of Laide, Wester Ross, Scotland when she happened upon a hungry animal. At first believing it to be a seal Jane was delighted when it turned out to be a sea otter who had caught a large crab. Jane stopped to observe the animal who ate the crab only a few feet away from her. The sighting lasted 15 minutes before the otter returned into the water. Jane said: "The bay is called Gruniard Bay and has a small sandy beach and camp site. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was alone and the tide was out so I sat down in the sun to enjoy the setting sun. "I had been there a few minutes when I spotted what I thought was a seal nearby. The seal turned out to be a sea otter with a large crab in its mouth and it came onto the rock right in front of me. "It proceeded to crunch away at the crab, and did this 3 times. "It was a fantastic experience to witness such elusive and private animals in their natural environment." Video filmed 24th August 2021.

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