'It's a Scouse thing. We stand up for the people'

Rebecca Ferguson performing to 30 John Lennon fans
-Credit: (Image: Megan Banner)

Singer Rebecca Ferguson paid tribute to the "epitome" of Liverpool in a stunning performance at the city's town hall.

A huge treasure hunt mapping locations across Liverpool relating to John Lennon was launched today, with more than 500 pinpoints on the map - forming an artwork illustrating a portrait of the Beatles singer. It comes ahead of the release date of Mind Games – The Ultimate Collection. A similar map of Tokyo, making up a picture of Lennon's wife Yoko Ono, has also been produced

To kick off the launch event today at Liverpool Town Hall Rebecca Ferguson, who grew up in Huyton, Woolton and Anfield, performed two Lennon songs, including Imagine, saying he was the "epitome" of Liverpool's music scene and a huge inspiration to her.

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Rebecca sang in front of a crowd of around 30 Lennon fans who had queued up for hours prior to the event in order to bag their free map and special surprise.

Speaking to the ECHO, Rebecca said: "Me and John Lennon grew up in the same village and I just think that he is so cool. I like what he stood for, I like that he was a campaigner. He has that spirit about him that I just love. I think it's a Scouse thing. We stand up for the people.

"So when I was asked to get involved I said yes, although I was a bit nervous because it's Lennon and his songs, but I would like to think he would approve. It has been lovely [to be able to sing his songs], a lovely day and I'm just glad that his fans enjoyed it."

Maps of John Lennon's Liverpool and Yoko Ono's Tokyo have been designed for the John Lennon treasure hunt
Maps of John Lennon's Liverpool and Yoko Ono's Tokyo have been designed for the John Lennon treasure hunt -Credit:Megan Banner

She went on to speak about how much her city means to her, and how important Saturday morning was. She added: "It was really nice [to be a part of Liverpool's history] - I love my city. I try and get home as much as I can, I can't live here only because of work, my work is all down south, but I just love coming home and being around the people. And it's just normality to be honest, everyone is friendly so whenever I get asked to do anything for Liverpool I will do it.

"I tend to do a lot of things in Liverpool now, I do things for the council, for Maggie's charity (which works to help people with cancer), and just get back to my roots really, which has been lovely to do. And then I get to spend more time at home too. I just love the people to be honest, it's nice to be normal, all my family are up north and my friends so it's nice to come home and just have a night out sometimes."

She called Lennon the "epitome" of Liverpool music.

She said: "I spent a lot of time while I was pregnant campaigning for the creative industry and it was really hard. It used to be like the wild west but now there is something in place. When I was campaigning one of the songs I would listen to is 'Power to the People' by Lennon, I just think he has that spirit about something.

"He cared about the justice in the world, and I hope I did him justice today. It's nice, it's a nod to my city and a nod to one of the amazing greats that has gone before me, someone who paved the way for Liverpool music. He is the epitome of it, him and the Beatles are everything to Liverpool."

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Rebecca Ferguson also has a show coming up at the M&S Bank Arena in December this year.

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