Scouser determined to keep promise to the 'day he dies'

Andrew Kelly is the co-founder of Benno Box
-Credit: (Image: Andrew Kelly)

A Liverpool man is determined to keep a promise to himself to the day “he dies”.

Andrew Kelly, from South Liverpool, pledged to stop drinking on New Year’s Eve in 2019. Four and half years later, he has still kept his word and has no intention of going back on it.

The 27-year-old started drinking when he was around 16. However, as he got older, he began to hate how it made him feel physically and mentally the next day.

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He told the ECHO: “All through my teenage years, I’d go out to party, drink and be around the wrong crowd - people I shouldn’t have been with.

“I kept doing it every weekend and I’d be fed up with it but I’d still do it. I’d drink and I wouldn’t recover for days. I would make one bad decision with drink and it would lead to many more. I was exhausted doing things that weren’t important to me.

“On New Year's Eve, I had enough and I just said to myself I wasn’t going to touch alcohol again, to the day I die. It was affecting everything in my life - my running, my training and my eating habits.”

With a new-found energy from not being hungover, then-23-year-old Andrew began running. He would run two miles at a time, a few times a week - a far cry from the distance he covers now.

Andrew Kelly during an ultra marathon in the mountains in Arizona
Andrew Kelly during an ultra marathon in the mountains in Arizona -Credit:Andrew Kelly

Andrew said today he gets up at 3.30am to start his daily fitness routine - with 12.6 miles, close to half a marathon, on his to-do list each day. His “obsession” has seen him run for over 1,500 consecutive days and complete the Boston Marathon.

He said: “I became addicted to how it made me feel. Running every day gives me purpose. Life without purpose is pointless. Waking up every day whilst everybody else is fast asleep and I'm out on the roads putting in the work makes me feel alive.

“I’m the best version of myself now and the best place I’ve ever been mentally. It’s amazing the difference. The second I stopped drinking alcohol, I recognised the difference almost instantly.”

To benefit his running, Andrew began looking at his food intake. He started meal prepping and became so invested in it, he co-founded a business based on it.

The Benno Box team
The Benno Box team -Credit:Andrew Kelly

Benno Box, located on Upper Parliament Street, prides itself on creating nutritious and protein-rich meals.

Andrew added: “After supplying friends and family with my meals, they spread like wildfire by word of mouth. I quit my job as an engineer and founded Benno Box with a friend.

“Now, we just wanted to keep feeding the people of Liverpool and the Wirral. We want to keep helping everyone’s mental and physical health.”

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