Scream 6 unveils major detail about Ghostface's mask

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Scream 6 unveils new detail about Ghostface's maskParamount

Scream 6 is nearly upon us, but we're already onto a cool detail about Ghostface's mask.

Via Collider, the slasher movie's experiential exhibition confirms a theory floating around off the back of its trailer, that the cloaked killer is in fact wearing the raggedy costume of Billy Loomis.

Loomis (played by Skeet Ulrich), you'll remember, was the chief mastermind behind the original Scream killings all the way back in 1996, who met his end by the bullets of girlfriend Sidney Prescott.

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But how do we know this for sure?

Well, the Scream 6 trailer sets up two major clues – the first being a sinister shrine to the many Ghostfaces that came before; the battered mask of the latest one clearly suggests that it belonged to a serial stabber, however, none of the mannequins on show are masked.

There's a shot in the trailer, though, where Melissa Barrera's Sam Carpenter (Billy's daughter) is holding this exact rubber face, and given the fact that it's encrusted with blood, this moment may be from near the end of the movie after another major spree. Maybe Sam decides that she's deserving of her late father's mask and takes it from the crime scene?

The aforementioned exhibition confirms it with its very own shrine recreation; one of the mannequins dons a well-worn mask, and is labelled 'Billy Loomis'.

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Meanwhile, Tara Carpenter actress Jenna Ortega recently addressed how the sixth Scream will deal with legacy character Sidney's no-show, in light of performer Neve Campbell's dispute with the studio over pay, resulting in her turning down an appearance in the latest instalment.

Scream 6 will be out in UK cinemas on March 8 and two days later in the US. Scream is out now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD, or to download and keep. US viewers can also stream the new movie on Paramount+.

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