Scuffles and arrests at Bristol's 7th 'Kill the bill' protest

Bristol, UK. 9th April 2021. / A 7th “Kill the Bill” protest took place in Bristol this evening with skirmishes between demonstrators and police as an arrest was made during the march against the Government's proposed Police, Crime, Courts and Sentencing Bill. The protest began at 6pm at College Green, before activists marched through the centre, twice. One man was arrested by officers and taken into a police van. It comes after a fifth "Kill the Bill" protest, which took place on Saturday (April 3), saw demonstrators block the M32 motorway. Numerous arrests were made when police formed a line on Baldwin Street, surging forward every few minutes in an effort to get activists to disperse. The protests in Bristol and throughout the country have so far have taken place as part of a stand against the government's Police and Crime Bill, which includes legislation limiting people's rights to protest. This video contains swearing.