Sea of rainbow foam transforms London public space into art insulation

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Sea of rainbow foam transforms London public space into art insulation

In a public space in London, people gathered to watch a cascade of colourful foam transform an outdoor stairwell into an art installation.

The island of foam was part of a free art festival in the UK’s capital.

The German artist Stephanie Lüning created the sea of rainbow in her first show in the United Kingdom.

One of the attendees, 11-year-old Yemisi Ajakaiye, described the event as “amazing."

“I've never actually seen anything like this, and if you down look at all the kids that are getting messy, it's actually hilarious," she said.

According to the artist, the meaning behind the exhibit is for the audience to decipher.

"For me, it's also important that people can kind of put their own meaning in the artwork,” Lüning said. “But of course, an ephemeral topic is very important in this work, that you only have the moment, you can only experience it now. It's never going be the same.

“I can't repeat this one tomorrow," she continued. "It's going to be different. Every day is different. You can't hold on to anything."

Lüning created the insulation by passing water dyed with food colouring through a foam-making machine.

The colourful result was then rolled down the stairs and onto the surrounding area.

Some of the attendees were invited to touch and play in the foam before it evaporated.

The event took place at the Tide, Peninsula Square, in London.