Happy Easter! Low-calorie eggs for the sea turtle on a diet after piling on the pounds

It may be a time for indulgence for most of us but one overweight sea turtle’s Easter Eggs are hoped to help him lose weight rather than pile on the pounds.

Noah, a giant green sea turtle, has been given special low-calorie Easter Eggs in a bid to help the greedy eight-year-old shed some weight.

Staff put Noah on a special diet after noticing he had developed ‘love handles’ around the back of his shell.

The tubby turtle had piled on weight after stealing squid from other tanks and tipped the scales at a whopping 11 stone.

Tubby – Noah has piled on the pounds after stealing squid meant for other residents at the sea life centre (Pictures: SWNS)

Staff at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre came up with a special diet for Noah including his Easter Eggs which are made of green low-calorie, turtle-friendly jelly with vegetable delicacies, including broccoli, spinach and kale, set in their centres.

Not only are they a healthy choice, but they are being floated around the tank for Noah to swim after, helping him to get more exercise.

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Robert Gaster-Ward, animal care curator at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre, said: “Noah shares our 250,000 litre ocean tank with black tip reef sharks and one of his favourite things to do is steal their squid at feeding times.

“It’s not bad for him to have a little squid as a treat, but he likes it too much and you can see where he has some little extra rolls around his bottom at the back of his shell which shouldn’t be there – he has the turtle equivalent of a muffin-top.

“He is now on a strict diet and we’re devising ways to keep him distracted while the sharks get their grub, as well as coming up with ways to help him get more exercise.

“In the wild, turtles spend hours foraging for sea grasses and algae to eat, and Noah will need to use his food sourcing skills to go after the jelly Easter eggs.

“All in all, Noah will have a great time and it’s really good for him.”

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