Seabird Struggles to Untangle Disposable Mask Caught on Its Foot

An Australian marine biologist witnessed a seabird struggling to untangle one of its feet caught in the strap of a disposable mask on a beach in Rosebud, Victoria, on October 10.

Sheree Marris, a marine biologist and Rosebud-based author, told Storyful that she is seeing more of this kind of pollution during her daily walks and dives along the coastline.

In the video’s caption, Marris wrote that she tried to throw her jacket over the bird so she could cut off the mask, but couldn’t get close enough.

“You can see the straps are already cutting off the circulation to the bird’s leg. It will eventually drop off, risk infection and make the bird more vulnerable to predators and no doubt cut short its life,” she wrote.

According to Greenpeace UK, the straps of single-use masks are causing “immediate harm” to seabirds and recommends individuals snip the straps off the masks before disposing of them. Credit: Sheree Marris via Storyful

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