Seagulls swoop on Taylor Swift camping fans' litter at Murrayfield

The local seagulls of Edinburgh didn’t go hungry as crowds amassed for Taylor Swift to take to the stage at Murrayfield Stadium.

As a result of people camping out as early as 3am in the grounds in order to get to the front of the audience, there was plenty of debris on the ground on the way into the stadium.

Scattered around the main entrance were pop-up tents and silver blankets as well as the remainder of fish, chips and burgers which some of Taylor’s fans had used to sustain themselves while we were in the queue.

The birds swooped in to make the most of it.

As more and more fans gathered outside in front of the grass at the stadium, some talents took it upon themselves to perform karaoke numbers of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits in front of the signage and a crowd soon amassed as everyone clapped along.

Around 6 pm the weather began to take a turn as the sun disappeared from the sky and the wind took over l, blowing off cowboy hats and feather boas as people made their way inside Murrayfield.

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