Seahorse Caught in Oyster Cage Released Back Into Virginia River

A woman released a seahorse back into the Lafayette River in Norfolk, Virginia, after she found it had been pulled up with her oyster cage.

This video was recorded by Amy Suellen Flora, who told Storyful that she grows oysters for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to help clean the local waterways.

Flora said she found the seahorse when she pulled up her cages on May 1. She can be seen in the video gently speaking to it as she returns it to the water. Credit: Amy Suellen Flora via Storyful

Video transcript

AMY SUELLEN FLORA: Well, hello. Hello, little baby. Come here.

Look what I found.

Hi. I know. I'm going to put you back. You sure are beautiful.

Right on my oyster cage. Hi, pretty. I'm going to put you right back where you were. Oh. You are so babe-- such a little baby. Hello. Hello. Hi.

OK, are you ready to go back? You ready to go back? Oh, you're so beautiful. You're so beautiful. All right, we're putting him back right where he came from. All right, baby, there you go. Ready? There you go.

Oh, see him swimming? Oh, hi. Hi.

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