Sean Lock fans share stories of how kind famously grumpy comedian was in real life

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  • Sean Lock
    British comedian (1963-2021)

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On stage and TV, Sean Lock became beloved for his grumpy old man persona coupled with his bonkers anecdotes and colourful imagination.

Never one to miss out on an opportunity to moan with Jimmy Carr and Jon Richardson on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Lock’s death today at the age of 58 has caused all of the entertainment industry to reflect on his hilarious nature on and off-camera.

As it turns out, he was a far more gentle soul in real life, and as tributes from fans and friends alike roll in, memories of his kindness to fans, those trying their hand at stand-up comedy, or co-stars have taken centre stage on Twitter.

Fans have paid tribute to l(Twitter)
Fans have paid tribute to Lock on Twitter. (Twitter)

“Sean Lock was a kind man; his attitude towards everything was so giving and intelligent and he was endlessly supportive to newcomers in the industry,” wrote one fan on Twitter. 

“His grumpy, gleeful wit will never be matched. Mirthful, absurd and wonderful. 58. A huge loss. RIP.”

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File photo dated 27/03/06 of Sean Lock performing at the annual Teenage Cancer Trust's benefit week of concerts, from the Royal Albert Hall, west London. Sean Lock, best known for panel shows 8 Out Of 10 Cats and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, as well as sitcom 15 Storeys High, who has died from cancer at the age of 58. Issue date: Wednesday August 18, 2021.
Sean Lock has died from cancer at the age of 58 (PA)

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“I did an open mic night at Monkey Business in Kentish Town,” another noted. “My whole set was structured for a God / Dog joke and this guy heckled me near the end.

“I saw it out, and the joke landed. I was sad it was ruined. Sean Lock was in the audience and he told me he loved that gag. Top man.”

“Oh no! RIP Sean Lock. I only met him once at a comedy benefit gig and once where he was performing at a music festival but he remembered me by name and was absolutely lovely,” agreed a third.

“Genuinely heartbroken about Sean Lock’s passing. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times over the years and he was as funny offstage as he was on,” said another. “Such a massive loss to the comedy scene and to those who loved him. #f**kcancer.”

Ricky Gervais recalled memories of Lock on Twitter. (Twitter)
Ricky Gervais recalled memories of Lock on Twitter. (Twitter)

The kindness he extended to strangers was only further cemented by his friends and acquaintances in the comedy circuit, with After Life star Tony Way recollecting how Lock’s unshakable dry sense of humour even appeared in the face of a legend.

In the shared anecdote, Way said: “I met Paul McCartney because of Sean Locke, just after meeting Sean himself. He shouted ‘Oi Paul!’ Across Soho Sq, Paul waved back, came over and chatted for half an hour.

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“When he left I said ‘How do you know him?’ Sean said ‘I don’t, but he knows he’s Paul McCartney doesn’t he?’”

Turns out, After Life creator Ricky Gervais had a similar experience of meeting Locke decades prior, and wrote on Twitter: “First professional comedian I knew. Met him when I booked him for a gig early 90s. Told him I wouldn’t mind being a comedian one day & I must have been over excited and trying to make him laugh coz he said ‘can I give you some advice then?’ I said ‘yeah’. He said ‘Tone it down’."

Comedian Rosie Jones, who appeared as a teammate for Locke on 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, also remembers him for his support throughout every stage of her career.

“Sean was a comedic giant and one of the kindest men. His comic mind was incomparable and his rants were exquisite,” she wrote.

“He had time for everyone, and treated me exactly the same, from when I was a researcher to when I became an overly excitable teammate. I’ll miss you Sean.”

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