Sean Wilson won't return to Coronation Street

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Sean Wilson  won't return to Coronation Street credit:Bang Showbiz
Sean Wilson won't return to Coronation Street credit:Bang Showbiz

Sean Wilson will never return to 'Coronation Street'.

The 57-year-old actor - who played Martin Platt in the ITV soap from 1985 to 2005 - quit the show over a storyline which involved his character Martin Platt seducing an underage girl and insists he will never go back.

He told The Sun: "I didn’t want to do [the storyline] and suggested they could bring in another actor, but the producer was insistent.

"It wasn’t for me, so I told them, 'No, I will not be doing that storyline and I suggest that maybe you go and have a rethink.'

"They came back a couple of weeks later and said, ‘No, we do feel that this storyline is going to go ahead.'

"So I said, ‘Well that means I will be leaving the show’.

“Then they decided to unilaterally tell the country that I was sacked, which wasn’t the case, and it was frustrating.

“I think with the individuals involved at the time, it wasn’t surprising that it entered the playground.

“I don’t think there will be a comeback.

“They sent my character to New Zealand, I think they were trying to tell me something.”

Although he briefly returned to the soap in 2018, Sean is now happily working as a cheesemaker, but he hasn't ruled out a return to acting.

He said: "I still want to act. I just think for casting people the fact that I was in Coronation Street so long is a bit of a stumbling block.

"So, I've made this situation where I don't have to do it. I would still like to though – it’s one of my three loves in life: art, acting and cooking."