Seann Walsh and Owen Warner discuss importance of therapy on I’m A Celebrity

Seann Walsh has opened up about going to therapy as he admits that his time on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has been making him feel anxious.

The 36-year-old comedian previously revealed to his campmates on the reality series that he had faced personal challenges after he made national headlines during his time on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018 when he was pictured kissing his married dance partner while he was also in a relationship.

Speaking to Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner, 23, during Saturday’s episode, the pair discussed why they felt therapy was important.

Walsh asked Warner if he was finding the jungle adventure difficult, to which the actor admitted he had been but not as much anymore.

The comedian revealed he had personally been struggling, saying: “I think for me, there’s quite a lot of anxiety in the day, if I don’t know what’s coming, I do not like it. I get really panicked.”

Asking if that was a constant feeling for him, Walsh replied: “Oh God, that’s why I pay a woman a weekly fee to help me with (it).”

Warner said he positively encourages others to attend therapy, saying: “I always say to any of my mates, I fully recommend it even if you think you’re sound.

“Like it’s so, so good to sit with someone, vent, it really helps you sort your head out.”

Alluding to his time on Strictly Come Dancing, Walsh added: “I just had such a horrific experience the last time I did something like this, and then coming back, this is absolutely wonderful but it’s brought that back.”

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Owen Warner (Suzan Moore/PA)

Offering words of encouragement, Warner said: “What’s good though now you’ve got a second chance to deal with everywhere.

“It’s like when you’re in a game and you die and you go back to the first level. It’s shit but I know how to do these levels…

“Anyone who looks at someone’s past and judges them from that – that’s on them, that’s their problem.

“Looking back on my life, there’s a whole path of mistakes and that. The future is going to be full of more mistakes.”

In the separate piece to the camera, Walsh praised Warner for his wisdom and emotional intelligence.

While Warner also added later: “Something about being in here has really taught me is (to) wear your heart on your sleeve, because someone is most likely feeling the same.

“And that’s something I will take with me forever now. I usually keep my feelings close to my chest, but if you just talk about them, most of the time someone can relate to you. ”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues at 9pm on Sunday on ITV1 and ITV Hub.