Seann Walsh's ex Rebecca Humphries says illicit 'Strictly' kiss is 'etched' in her memory

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Seann Walsh’s ex Rebecca Humphries has said his kiss with his Strictly partner Katya Jones is "etched" in her memory.

The Crown actor split from Walsh after he was snapped locking lips with Jones in 2018, and she penned a statement saying the comedian had accused her of being “psycho/nuts/mental” when she suspected something was going on.

Speaking out on ITV’s Lorraine, Humphries said the kiss took place on her birthday.

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"It’s sort of etched in my memory,” she said of the incident.

Seann Walsh's then girlfriend, actress Rebecca Humphries, accused him of gaslighting her. (Getty Images)
Seann Walsh and Rebecca Humphries split after the incident. (Getty Images)

The star said being in that situation had been “surreal”.

“It’s completely overwhelming,” she said.

“I’ve been obsessed with telly and magazines since I was about 12, and suddenly there I am in them all.”

She told host Lorraine Kelly: “It felt like a bizarre stress dream I was having but the one thing I will say about that time is that all of that support was just like one validation after another.

Seann Walsh kiss headlines were an overreaction, say 'Strictly' pros Neil and Katya Jones
Seann Walsh was photographed kissing Katya Jones. (BBC)

“You are not crazy, you are not the things you’ve let yourself believe for years that you are… In fact, in that particular situation, you were right, and all of that just flooded me.”

Humphries, who was promoting her book Why Did You Stay? A Memoir About Self-worth, added: “It’s a great opportunity for me to say thank you so much to everyone who was so supportive at that time.”

Rebecca Humphries has written a book. (Mike Marsland/WireImage)
Rebecca Humphries has written a book. (Mike Marsland/WireImage)

The kiss took place after an evening out in 2018 when Walsh and Jones were partners on the BBC ballroom contest.

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Jones split from her husband Neil Jones a few months later, but they said the incident was not the cause of their break up.

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