Search Continues for 23 Sailors Still Missing After Deadly Ship Sinking in Thailand

The Royal Thai Navy continued to search for 23 missing sailors on December 21, after HTMS Sukhothai sank in the Gulf of Thailand on Sunday.

On Wednesday, the navy confirmed that six sailors had already lost their lives in the sinking. The navy earlier stated that 75 sailors had been rescued, with 11 being treated in hospital.

HTMS Sukhothai sunk after seawater entered the vessel’s electrical systems, making the crew unable to steer it. Seawater then entered the hull, causing the ship to tilt, the navy said.

Footage released by the Royal Thai Navy on December 21 shows a helicopter landing at Prachuap Pier with the remains of one dead soldier. The body was then transported by car to Sawangrat Sattha Thammasathan Foundation, where the remains of the other five sailors had already been taken for identification. Credit: Royal Thai Navy via Storyful

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