Secluded beach named one of UK's 'best secrets' ahead of summer

Pictured is Clashnessie Bay
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A secluded beach in Scotland has been recognised as one of the "best secret and remote" bays across the UK by The Telegraph. As we head toward the height of beach season in early June, expectations are high for some warm, sunny days in Scotland, despite our infamously unpredictable weather.

The acclaimed beach is Clashnessie Bay in the Highlands, listed by The Telegraph among "Britain's 20 best secret and remote beaches to avoid the crowds". Clashnessie Bay is situated roughly 10 miles north of Lochinver in the Assynt district of Sutherland and is conveniently located near the renowned Achmelvich Bay. The Gaelic-derived name 'clais an easaidh', translating to 'glen of the waterfall', hints at its exceptional landscape feature, the nearby fifteen-meter Clashnessie Falls.

For those seeking to dodge the masses typically found at the popular Achmelvich Bay when the sun shines, Clashnessie Bay provides an equally stunning alternative according to The Telegraph. Distinct features like the bay's transparent waters and warm temperatures were specifically noted by the publication.

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Among the unique attractions of Clashnessie Bay is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean Gulf Stream. This positioning creates a gentle microclimate that usually results in warmer conditions compared to other local beaches, reports the Daily Record.

The Telegraph has highlighted The Old School Byre as a recommended spot for those seeking overnight accommodation in the area, describing it as "basic but cosy self-catering accommodation" with prices starting from £950 for a week's stay.

The newspaper remarked: "This white sandy beach on northwest Scotland's picturesque (but hairy) Drumbeg Road is every bit as inviting as the more famous beach of Achmelvich - an Instagram favourite - just a short drive away."

"Park up by the sandy shore for a blissful afternoon of swimming in iridescent, pure waters and warm up on the sand, where you can appreciate the microclimate that comes courtesy of the Gulf Stream."

Additionally, The Telegraph included Farr Beach in Sutherland in its roundup of hidden gem beaches. It described Farr Beach as a quieter alternative to the popular Balnakeil Beach near Durness, noting its sand dunes and tranquil atmosphere.

For those looking for more secluded coastal spots, The Telegraph's full list titled "Britain's 20 best secret and remote beaches to avoid the crowds" is available on their website. Further beach inspiration can be found in the Daily Record's guide to the top 15 beaches in Scotland.

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