Second Celebrity MasterChef Christmas champion crowned

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Reverend Richard Coles has been crowned the second of two Golden Whisk winners during the Celebrity MasterChef Christmas Cook-Off.

The priest and former popstar, 59, said he was “absolutely delighted” and planned to parade his “historic and holy” trophy around his parish for all to see.

He triumphed during the second of two festive specials on BBC One, impressing judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

The former Communards musician beat reality star Gemma Collins, actor Joe Swash, entertainer Les Dennis and singer Mica Paris in a series of Christmas-themed challenges.

Reverend Richard Coles said he was delighted to win (BBC/PA)
Reverend Richard Coles said he was delighted to win (BBC/PA)

Created in two hours and 15 minutes, his winning menu featured a roast partridge with caramelised pear, cabbage, celeriac, chestnut and lardons with bread sauce, pear gravy and five gold ring potatoes.

For dessert, he served “gold, frankincense and myrrh blancmanges” topped with honeycomb, pistachio and liquorice crumb, with Torode describing them as “delightful”.

Earlier, the celebrities faced an invention test where they were tasked with recreating and embellishing a Christmas recipe from ingredients and equipment found in a Secret Santa present box.

Coles opted to make Japanese fried chicken, impressing both judges.

After being announced as the winner, he said: “I am absolutely delighted, this is wonderful.

“I think the parish will want to take the whisk in procession around the town where the townspeople will come out and fall to their knees and worship the historic and holy Golden Whisk of MasterChef.”

Celebrity MasterChef Christmas Cook-Off
Judi Love was the first Golden Whisk winner (BBC/PA)

Wallace said: “Reverend Richard Coles worked really hard to bring as much of the Christmas story into his plates of food, which was really clever.

“It was absolutely beautiful cookery with a bit of fun. Every single mouthful just screamed out Christmas.”

Torode added: “A festive feast needs to be fun, it needs to put a smile on your face, it needs to be delicious – and Richard did that.

“It was clever, ambitious, interesting and delicious.”

Earlier this week, comedian and TV panellist Judi Love became the first celebrity to win a Golden Whisk this year.

However, Channel 5 News had to issue an apology after mistakenly revealing her as the winner minutes before the programme had started to air on the BBC.

A statement posted on Twitter said: “We would like to say sorry for mistakenly announcing the winner of BBC1’s Celebrity Masterchef before it was revealed on the programme tonight.

“Apologies to all fans of the show.”

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