Second Shark Sighting in a Week Reported at Alabama Beach

A shark was captured thrashing in shallow waters near the shoreline in Orange Beach, Alabama, on August 22, a week after a viral video showed a large hammerhead shark feeding on stingrays just feet away from beachgoers.

The video was shot by Sarah McElvy Hill who was visiting the town with her family. Hill told she and her family, having been aware of the shark incident a week prior, had been keeping an eye out for sharks.

Hill said her two children and sister were on their way out of the water when the shark appeared, reported. Hill told Storyful she suspected the shark may also have been a hammerhead chasing rays.

“I really feel like it has to be the same shark,” Hill was quoted as saying. “I just can’t imagine there being so many hammerheads in Orange Beach, Alabama, chasing stingrays,” she said. Credit: Sarah McElvy Hill via Storyful

Video transcript

- Mommy, it's moving!

- Parker, get out of the water.


- What kind of shirt do y'all think it is?

- It's a hammerhead.

- Did y'all see the video of him eating the stingray?

- Oh, yeah, stingray?

- Yeah.

- Yeah. Well, we were all out in that water yesterday.

- Oh, we were just out there, like, 30 minutes ago, farther than that.

- Yeah, way farther than that.

- I'm never going back in. That's too scary.

- That's close.


- There he goes. Catch 'em, bud.

- Yeah, catch 'em.

- I know we had the [INAUDIBLE] out here yesterday. [INAUDIBLE]

- It's kind of [INAUDIBLE]. Are you fishing or what?


- Where'd he go? Where'd he go?