Woman says that Herschel Walker urged her to have a second abortion: ‘He has to be held responsible’

Election 2022 Senate Georgia (Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)
Election 2022 Senate Georgia (Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

The woman who claimed Herschel Walker paid for her to have an abortion told The New York Times this week that the Republican Senate nominee in Georgia urged her to have a second abortion.

In a piece published on Friday, the woman told The Times that she ended her relationship with the former University of Georgia running back after she refused to terminate the pregnancy. She added that, since then, he has played a minimal role in the child’s life other than court-ordered child support and gifts.

The woman, whose name The Times withheld, said she was frustrated seeing Republicans rally around him.

“As a father, he’s done nothing. He does exactly what the courts say, and that’s it,” she said. “He has to be held responsible, just like the rest of us. And if you’re going to run for office, you need to own your life.”

The woman who spoke to The Times is the same person who spoke to The Daily Beast about Mr Walker sending a $700 check. She confirmed that $575 was for the actual procedure and $125 was for additional expenses. She said when she got pregnant, he never expressed moral or religious objections and said simply it was “not a good time” to have a child.

When she got pregnant a second time in 2011, she said that she wanted the child but Mr Walker did not, which led to the end of their relationship on 16 September 2011.

Mr Walker vehemently denied the first allegation of pressuring the woman to have an abortion and pushed back against on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show.

“I know this is untrue. I know it’s untrue,” he told Mr Hewitt. “I know nothing about any woman having an abortion.”

The Independent has contacted Mr Walker’s campaign for comment on both the first and second allegations.

Mr Walker has previously said he opposes all abortions, including cases of rape, incest and where the life of the mother is threatened.

Earlier on Friday, CNN reported that Walker’s campaign had fired its political director in the wake of the first allegation coming to light.

Both allegations come just one week before Mr Walker and incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock are set to debate in Savannah. A poll this week from InsiderAdvantage showed the lead Mr Walker enjoyed last month has since eroded.