The secret, scandalous life of Disney princesses revealed in new 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' trailer

Old and new schools collided in 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s CG animated adventure about a classic arcade game villain-turned-hero, Ralph (John C. Reilly). Fans can expect even more of the same when the ginormous character and his pint-size bestie Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) reunite for an all-new digital adventure in Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. As its title implies, this eagerly anticipated sequel will feature the duo surfing the web — and, as evidenced by the film’s latest trailer, that journey will put them into contact with a host of the Mouse House’s own popular properties, including its collection of iconic princesses.

As one might expect from such a premise, Ralph Breaks the Internet will have Ralph and Vanellope traversing a computerized metropolitan landscape populated by the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Google, and flocks of Twitter birds — as well as an auto-filling “search bar” where an erudite fellow tries to guess what his customers are about to say. More meta still, however, is the heroes’ trip to the online world of Disney, replete with figures from Marvel, Pixar, The Muppet Show, and Star Wars.

The secret life of Disney princesses is revealed. (Image: Disney)

And by clip’s end, Vanellope has found herself smack-dab in the middle of the home of Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, and the rest of the Disney princess gang, who strike the young girl as more than a bit unhinged. Of course, her perception changes once she learns (in a cheeky sequence that shouts out to feminist critiques of the fair maidens) that she is also a princess — because “people assume that all your problems got solved because a big strong man showed up.”

Disney first teased the princess-spoofing scene to a roof-raising ovation at last year’s D23 Expo fan event, reuniting many of the original actresses who voiced the princesses, among them Mandy Moore (Rapunzel in Tangled), Paige O’Hara (Belle in 1991’s Beauty and the Beast), Anika Noni Rose (Tiana in The Princess and the Frog), Kelly Macdonald (Merida in Brave), Auli’i Cravalho (Moana in Moana), Jodi Benson (Ariel in 1989’sThe Little Mermaid), Irene Bedard (Pocahontas in Pocahontas), and Linda Larkin (Princess Jasmine in 1992’s Aladdin).

In addition to the iconic princesses, the sequel features an all-star voice cast that includes Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Taraji P. Henson, and James Corden.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 downloads into theaters on Nov. 21.

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