Security is called after 'The Four' contestant confronts Meghan Trainor

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

There was plenty of drama leading up to The Four this week when Republic Records executive Charlie Walk was axed from the show because of sexual harassment allegations. Even though this week’s episode had already been shot with Charlie, they did their best to edit him out of the show.

Normally, the judges are introduced at the beginning of the show, but that segment was missing Thursday night. Also, comments from Charlie after the contestants’ performances were few and far between.

Meghan Trainor drama

The drama on the stage came from Jason Warrior, who confronted Meghan Trainor after he was voted off the show. Jason has been no stranger to confrontation this season, but he took it to another level as he called out the pop star. “I really love you dearly, and I respect everything you do,” Jason told Meghan as he walked toward her and grabbed her hand. “But sometimes you say things to us that hurt us.” Meghan was, understandably, confused by the comment, especially considering she’s usually fairly nice to the contestants. That’s where it got really weird. Jason started singing Meghan’s song, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” to the songstress as she just awkwardly stood there repeating, “Okay.”

Eventually, someone called called security and Jason backed off. But when he got backstage, Jason explained why he went after the pop star. Jason said, “What Meghan said, ‘There’s already a John Legend’ — I’m sorry, Meghan, but I don’t think John Legend is doing the things that I’m doing.” And he is right; John Legend isn’t making a fool of himself on national television.

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