Neighbors Save Man's Life as He Suffers Heart Attack on Porch

A man suffering from a heart attack was saved when his neighbors sprang into action and administered CPR after he rang their doorbell in York Haven, Pennsylvania, viral video shows.

Footage captured from Christopher Mowry’s home surveillance camera shows their neighbor walking up to their porch, showing obvious signs of distress, ringing the doorbell, and then lying down. Another neighbor rushes up to assist. Mowry, a firefighter, and his wife, a practicing nurse, emerge from their house and call 911 before beginning to administer CPR as the man goes into cardiac arrest.

After the EMTs arrived at the scene, Mowry’s wife rode along to assist as the patient was transported to the hospital.

Additional photos and video show the neighbor return to their home a few days later to express his gratitude for their help.

In Facebook post, Mowry stressed the importance of knowing CPR and defibrillation and said he and his wife would be organizing a CPR class for the neighborhood. Credit: Christopher Mowry via Storyful

Video transcript


- Does Rachel know?


- Do you think she called 911?

CHRISTOPHER MOWRY: Yeah. All right, let's get you sitting up.

- (VOICE NAVIGATOR ON PHONE) Starting [? route to ?] [INAUDIBLE] and Urgent Care [INAUDIBLE].

- I want to ask him if he called 911.


CHRISTOPHER MOWRY: He was working out and got chest pain, left arm pain.

- Yeah.

- Does that have any aspirin? [INAUDIBLE]

- Thank you.