See Australia’s state and territory Covid vaccination rollouts animated over time

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<span>Photograph: Obradovic/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Obradovic/Getty Images

Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout was slow to start. Agreements for securing a range of vaccines were made later than other comparable countries, and concerns around the AstraZeneca vaccine resulted in a bottleneck due to comparatively limited supplies of mRNA-based vaccines.

However, after outbreaks of the more infectious Delta strain of Covid-19, vaccination rates sped up dramatically in several jurisdictions.

The following animation shows how each state and territory ramped up vaccination over time by comparing the number of doses administered per hundred people. I’ve used this figure as it gives the longest time period possible – while the federal government does now publish proper second and first dose numbers, they have yet to make this data available retrospectively.

Factoring in the second dose means the number can go beyond 100, and would in fact get up to 200 when the entire population of a state or territory is double-dose vaccinated. This is also using the whole state population, not only those aged 16 and over.


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