See Incredible Pictures Of ‘Chicken Church’ Built In Jungle

Chicken town: the abandoned prayer house (YouTube/AzzaTwirre)

The sprawling Indonesian jungles are some of the most enchanting places on earth, full of natural wonders and rare wildlife. 

But hidden deep in the greenery of Central Java is perhaps the mysterious land’s most unusual sight: a giant cement structure that resembles a chicken. 

The building, which protrudes above the trees and is known locally as Gereja Ayam – the ‘chicken church’ – has long been abandoned, but is suddenly doing the rounds of the social media. 

The enormous structure is supposed to resemble a dove (YouTube/AzzaTwirre)

Although a famous local site and place of pilgrimage for curious tourists, the question on most people’s lips is: what’s it for? A place of worship to the chicken gods? 

Neither, according to its creator, who says it’s actually supposed to be a dove. 

Daniel Alamsjah, 67 (who must be slightly miffed that everyone thinks it’s a chicken) claims he was working in the capital Jakarta when he suddenly got a message from God to build a “prayer house” resembling a dove.

“Perhaps because of my Christian faith, people thought I was building a church. But it’s not a church. I was building a prayer house… a place for people who believe in God,” he told Jakarta Globe.

When he came across the spot he “prayed all night there” and “got a revelation” to build it there. And so he did.

The structure hasn’t be used in almost 15 years but, despite its derelict interiors, is still a sight to behold.  

The ‘chicken church’ has been abandoned since 2000 (YouTube/AzzaTwirre)