You need to see Julia Roberts' new curtain bangs

julia roberts curtain bangs haircut
PSA: Julia Roberts just got curtain bangsTommaso Boddi - Getty Images

Another day, another new set of curtain bangs, and we couldn't be happier. In the past week, we've seen Kate Middleton's voluminous 'McDonald's bangs' cut and Rachel Weisz's subtler take on the popular hair trend, but Julia Roberts has just thrown her hat (or shall I say hair) into the ring and we think it might be the chicest set of curtain bangs we've ever seen. Us? Biased? No way.

If you remember, the Oscar-winner basically broke the internet back in March when she stepped out with a new full fringe, but clearly, Jules wasn't just stopping there. Months have passed since and we've seen her return to her fringe-less signature look, until now, that is. The actress was just spotted with the trendy curtain bangs haircut hours ago at the Gucci show at Milan Fashion Week.

We're not worthy. Is it possible for someone to have that much volume in their hair? It really doesn't seem fair.

julia roberts curtain bangs haircut
GABRIEL BOUYS - Getty Images

It's, of course, not the first time Julia has tried on curtain bangs for size. Let's take a trip down memory lane and take a seat for a lesson in Julia Roberts' hair history, shall we?

There's her legendary cameo in an episode of Friends, where Jules can be seen with a brighter red hue and face-framing bangs:

And then we've got the more 00s side-sweeping fringe that she's paying homage to currently:

So much good hair, so little time. Here's to Julia gracing us with more lessons in good hair. We're taking notes.

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