After Seeing Sabrina Carpenter And Jake Gyllenhaal In An SNL Ad Together, People Can't Stop, Won't Stop Referencing Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well'

 From left to right: Sabrina Carpenter, Jake Gyllenhaal and Bowen Yang standing together in an SNL promo.
From left to right: Sabrina Carpenter, Jake Gyllenhaal and Bowen Yang standing together in an SNL promo.

When it came to picking the final Season 49 host and musical guest of the year Saturday Night Live really went for it. Whether it was intentional or not, pairing Jake Gyllenhaal with Sabrina Carpenter has caused a flurry of reactions on the internet because of their individual relationships with Taylor Swift. Now, as the episode prepares to air and fans watch the ad that features both of them, they can’t stop (and won’t stop) referencing “All Too Well.”

While Gyllenhaal and Carpenter don’t have a history per se, they both are important people in Taylor Swift’s world. The Road House actor is infamously the presumed ex she sings about in “All Too Well,” and the “Espresso” singer was the pop star’s opener on the Eras Tour for a few months earlier this year. So, as you can imagine, when the ad below dropped, the jokes about how they’re both connected to the chairman of The Tortured Poets Department were flying left and right.

Some of Taylor Swift’s most heartbreaking and brutal lyrics came from “All Too Well,” and the ten-minute version of the song that chronicles this relationship falling apart is a favorite among Swifties. With all that in mind, and considering the irony of this pairing, many can’t stop using the popular song in their posts about the episode of SNL that’s about to air on the 2024 TV schedule. For example, @kissofbabylon posted:

Of course, they can’t let it go, and they still remember that scarf. So when this ad dropped many took to social media to post reactions like @repttpdslut’s:

bet your sister's house is where my other scarf is

Keeping things related to the infamous scarf that was still at his sister’s house, @toowellbrina had an admittedly funny joke about Carpenter and Gyllenhaal being seen in the same advertisement. They posted:

sabrina go get that scarf and RUN

There were a lot of other comments about how people thought Carpenter looked uncomfortable in the video. However, that is nothing we can confirm or deny. This post, though, does seem to allude to this discourse that also happened when the ad dropped.

Along with the “All Too Well” tweets, there have been a lot of references to Sabrina Carpenter’s hit song “Espresso.” In the case of @aloveaspureasit’s post, they decided to mix the two together, writing:

sipping that me espresso like you’re on a late night show

Playing on Swift's “sipping coffee like you’re on a late night show” lyric is honestly kind of genius. “Espresso” is a funny alt word for coffee in this case considering Carpenter’s song, and the lyric overall is fitting because, as we all know, Saturday Night Live is a legendary late-night show.

Of course, there were also posts rewriting Carpenter’s “Nonsense” outro to reference Gyllenhaal and Saturday Night Live. @Melissa_C19 had an option for the singer, as they posted:

Nonsense outro being like: I’m here tonight hosting SNL I think my cohost knows it all too well

If Sabrina Carpenter actually performs “Nonsense” with an outro like that, I think she would go down as one of SNL’s most memorable musical guests. However, I highly doubt she would call out the host.

I do think she’ll perform “Nonsense” during the episode though, along with her hit “Espresso,” and I’m positive she’ll have a cheeky outro worth tuning in for. Meanwhile, I’m sure the Taylor Swift jokes will keep swirling around, because if there’s one thing that’s true when it comes to Swifties, they remember everything “All Too Well.”

To watch Jake Gyllenhaal and Sabrina Carpenter in the Season 49 finale of Saturday Night Live, you can tune in live at 11:30 p.m. ET tonight on NBC or with a Peacock subscription.