After Seeing The Trailer For Disney+'s Doctor Who, People Can't Stop Talking About Ncuti Gatwa Being The Reason They're Going To Start Watching

 Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor in Disney+'s Doctor Who, wearing retro clothes.
Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor in Disney+'s Doctor Who, wearing retro clothes.

A new era of Doctor Who is upon us, and pretty soon we’ll be getting our first full season with Ncuti Gatwa piloting the TARDIS as the Fifteenth Doctor on the 2024 TV schedule. So, to get viewers hyped up, Disney+ dropped the first Doctor Who trailer for the upcoming episodes. Not only did it excite longtime fans, but it also prompted many to start watching the iconic series because of the man playing the timelord.

In the new trailer for Disney+’s Doctor Who, which you can see below, Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, were seen galavanting around time and space. From Bridgerton to The Beatles, they’re hopping into many iconic ears, and even traveling to the time of the dinosaurs. It was an epic tease of what’s to come, and it also caught the attention of Gatwa’s fans who haven’t seen the classic British series.

After Ncuti Gatwa posted the trailer on his Instagram, many commented to share their excitement. Since the actor is known for his roles in the Sex Education cast and Barbie ensemble, he has a very devoted fanbase outside of Doctor Who. So, it tracks that not everyone who follows him is a lifelong fan of the long-running sci-fi series. What that means is the timey-wimey show is about to get a ton of new fans as many wrote excited messages like:

WOW. Never watched Dr Who, but I’m in. Bringing black boy joy to the screens for the people dem 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Ncuti Gatwa’s charisma and joy truly do burst off the screen in this trailer. While I’m a long-time fan of Doctor Who, seeing this tease for the upcoming season after witnessing the bi-generation that brought the Fifteenth Doctor into the universe has revitalized my enthusiasm for the show. For new fans, this was their introduction, and they’re just as thrilled, take this commenter for example:

😍❤😍 Never watched doctor who but you best believe I’m going to NOW!!! Can’t wait

Others who saw Gatwa’s post noted that his Doctor will be the thing that finally gets them to watch this series that has been on the air for decades. This person was in that boat as they wrote:

🔥🔥 convinced me to finally start watching Doctor Who!

For some who have always been skeptical about Doctor Who, Gatwa’s trailer helped convince them to give the show a try, for example, this person posted:

I’m not a big Dr Who fan, but I am DEFINITELY here for this. Looks awesome.

All this fan needed to know was that Ncuti Gatwa was in the series, and they were convinced to tune in for the new season of Doctor Who:

You in it? I’m here for it! I don’t care what it is!!!!!!!! I don’t even know anything about Dr. Who and I’m here for it!!!!!!

Longtime Doctor Who fans also noted how Gatwa’s Doctor will help introduce a new generation to the series. It’s so exciting to think about how many new Whovians there will be pretty soon, and I am in total agreement with this commenter:

You’ve made Dr Who cool for a whole new generation THIS IS EPIC 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Overall, it’s clear that Ncuti Gatwa is a big reason why many folks, and especially soon-to-be fans, are excited about the upcoming season. Along with him leading the series, there’s also an epic cast lined up for Doctor Who’s first season on Disney+, and the man who revitalized the series in the early 2000s, Russell T. Davies has returned as the showrunner. So, these new fans have picked a great time to jump on board the TARDIS.

I’m so thrilled that Ncuti Gatwa’s performance is inspiring people to check out Doctor Who. And I assume that like me, many of them can’t wait to use a Disney+ subscription to tune into his first season as the timelord starting on May 11.