Self-styled 'eighth wonder of the world' bringing tour to Medina Theatre

La Voix is coming to Medina Theatre.
La Voix is coming to Medina Theatre.

MOVE over hanging gardens of Babylon.

Egypt’s pyramids step aside.

There’s a new wonder of the world in town — albeit self-styled — La Voix!

Billed as the UK’s funniest redhead, La Voix is hot footing it across the UK with her live band in a brand new show for 2022 - The Eighth Wonder.

She is coming to Medina Theatre on Friday, March 4.

Most famously known for making it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, La Voix has gone on to be a regular on both stage and screen, working with many big stars including Mickey Rooney, Cilla Black, Pamela Anderson, Brigitte Nielsen and Ruby Wax.

She also appeared in Ab Fab The Movie alongside Joanne Lumley and Jennifer Saunders.

When the feisty flame-haired phenomenon isn’t giving it out on her hilarious talk show on BBC Radio, the award-winning star is busy performing for the rich and famous.

She has twice entertained Princes William and Harry at their New Year's Eve party and topped the bill at Sir Ian McKellan’s 80th birthday bash.

La Voix is currently representing the UK on globally televised competition Queen of the Universe from Paramount Plus, which is soon to air in the UK.

For the past ten years in her stage shows, the vivacious performer has been taking on the big divas and making them her own.

Her uncanny ability to switch between the vocal styles of Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland or Cher with the click of a finger is interspersed with a razor-sharp saucy wit.