'Selfie Swing' Captures Pure Joy on Toddler's Face at Alabama Park

A toddler’s pure, unadulterated joy was captured on camera as he played on a swing at an Alabama playground in July.

The adorable footage, posted to TikTok on July 12 by Alexandria Jacobson, shows her almost two-year-old son Blake riding a “selfie swing” at the family’s local park.

Jacobson told Storyful that it was their first time visiting the park. Blake had been playing for about an hour before deciding to try the swings, which he doesn’t usually like.

“He normally doesn’t like swinging so we thought him enjoying the swing was a long shot, but he loved it,” she said. “We’d never heard of a selfie swing before, but it ended up being pretty cool!”

The special swing allows for a phone to be mounted in the front, to record the child as they ride it, and Blake’s super-sweet reaction did not disappoint.

“Someday he will be all grown up and won’t be interested in swinging with me at the park, so I know that this video will be something I always cherish,” Jacobson told Storyful. Credit: Alexandria Jacobson via Storyful

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