Selfridges launches six-seater Lip Bar for Valentine's Day singletons

Lizzie Edmonds

Selfridges today launched one of London’s smallest bars to help those looking for love this Valentine’s Day.

The “Lip Bar” is designed by Japanese artist Daido Moriyama — best known for his gritty black-and-white photography — and is inspired by the tiny bars in Golden Gai, an area of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Moriyama’s photograph of lips is printed repeatedly across the walls of the dimly lit, five square-metre space and it seats only six people. Asahi beers, sake or soft drinks are the only beverages on offer.

Singletons are encouraged to book alone or with a single friend to meet new people in the unusually small space, but couples can also attend.

Seats can be booked for an hourly price which includes two drinks. The bar, which will be open until March 3, can be bought outright for £80,000. It is part of Selfridges’ State Of The Arts campaign which aims to bring art to consumers and runs until March 31.

The bar is a replica of Bar Kuro, one of Moriyama’s favourite Tokyo drinking spots.