Selling Sunset fans spot another puzzling blunder in new series with Christine Quinn’s hat

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Selling Sunset fans have spotted yet another hilarious blunder in the series.

Netflix’s hit reality show follows the drama unfolding at The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, where elite real estate brokers fight over clients and properties.

Since the fifth season premiered on 22 April, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted what appear to be several editing errors in the new episodes.

The latest mistake fans are talking about involves realtor Christine Quinn in a scene that takes place during newcomer Chelsea Lazkani’s tea party.

In episode eight – titled “She’s Your Problem Too” – Christine arrives at Chelsea’s party in a bright pink dress and a light blue fascinator.

Seconds later, however, the star is seen wearing a large pink hat instead of the blue fascinator.

“Christine’s hat changes two seconds after walking in,” wrote one person on Twitter, accompanied by a crying laughing emoji.

“Did anyone else catch how Christine’s hat changes at Chelsea’s tea party?” asked another.

A third viewer wrote: “Wtf Christine’s hat,” while another person added: “The continuity editor on this show is for s***.”

“Christine walks in wearing the blue fascinator and then the camera cuts away and when they cut back it has morphed into the pink hat,” said someone else. “As the realtors all say in ever single house they walk into, ‘I’m obsessed.’”

This latest mistake follows shortly after viewers noticed another scene in which Jason Oppenheim was pretending to make a phone call to a client.

Other fans also spotted a moment in which one of the realtors is wearing a dress that is tied at the back with multiple rubber bands.

Selling Sunset is on Netflix now.

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