Semitrailer Flips on Icy Canadian Highway

As many as 70 vehicles were involved in a pile-up along the Trans-Canada Highway in southern Alberta as the region was hit with white-out conditions on March 29.

This footage, shot by truck driver Mark Malinab while driving westward on the highway near Bassano, shows a semitrailer narrowly miss his rig as it emerges behind him. The out-of-control truck slides down the highway’s embankment and flips on its side.

“Oh s***!” Malinab exclaims as the semitrailer appears in his side mirror and begins to slide. “Oh my God!”

The video later shows Malinab approach the driver of the overturned truck, who says he is “fine.”

Citing Royal Canadian Mounted Police, media reported five people were injured in the collision and while they varied in severity, none of the injuries were life-threatening. Credit: Mark Malinab via Storyful