Send in the tanks? NATO, Russia and the next phase of Ukraine war

Russia's cruise missile strike on an apartment building far from any strategic target sends calling cards to both Ukraine and its NATO allies. We ask about the consequences of the Dnipro attack, both domestically and among member states of the Alliance. Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year, NATO has upped its support for Kyiv in increments.

After France’s light armoured vehicles, what does Britain’s weekend decision to send proper tanks change? There are the logistics of it and the politics of it. The UK's decision increases pressure on a reluctant Germany to forget its post-war doctrine of avoiding battlefield confrontations.

We ask about the resignation of Olaf Scholz's defence minister, who hails from his own Social Democratic Party. Many Germans worry about mission creep. Is it already too late to turn back?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Antonia Kerrigan, Sara Ayach and Louise Guibert

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