Serbia rejects EU draft on Kosovo as president Vučić adrresses UN general assembly

Serbia's president Aleksander Vucic, has rejected a provisional EU draft document for the solution to Kosovo. Mr. Vucic took advantage of the United Nations General Assembly to explain the parallels of the war in Ukraine with Kosovo's independence.

In his address, Vučić said: "We ask for a clear answer to the question I've been asking to my interlocutors. What are the difference between the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia? Which was grossly violated and to which you provided international recognition and legitimacy, at least some of you. Nobody has ever provided a rational answer to this question."

Last week Vucic rejected a 10-year road map for the recognition of Kosovo, which was put on the table by the EU special envoy, chaired by Miroslav Lajcak, and his French and German advisers.

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