Serena Williams’s Pre-Pregnancy Tournament Warmup TBT Is Crazy

Abby West
Senior Editor
Serena Williams sticks her landing. (Photo: Serena Williams via Instagram)

Even the joy of pregnancy doesn’t keep an expectant mother from thinking back on her pre-pregnancy life. And if you’re Serena Williams, the top tennis star in the world — with a body that won’t quit — there’s a lot of badassery to think back on.

The five-months-pregnant athlete posted a video she took before one of her performances at the Italian Open (which she won last year, thankyouverymuch) in a stark hallway displaying an impressive wall-to-wall handstand-split move that shows off her flexibility, core strength, and yes, that enviable butt, which she herself called out.

“This week is the one of my fav tournaments in Rome. Obivs I am not there but check out my pre Rome warmup a couple years ago. It’s one of my favs… #throwbackthursday [peach emoji],” she wrote.

No doubt that was a woman at the top of her game. But with her upcoming wedding to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and that baby on the way, Williams’s future is looking pretty good too.

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