'Seriously Wicked Storm' Brings Waterspout to Florida Gulf Coast

Thunderstorms just off the coast of Destin, Florida, produced a large waterspout on Tuesday, August 16, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

The NWS warned boaters in the coastal area to be cautious of waterspouts.

This video posted by Cory Lutz on Tuesday shows a waterspout off a Destin beach as flashes of lightning glow in the stormy sky. “One seriously wicked storm this morning,” Lutz says in the video.

Lutz said it was the first time he had seen a waterspout and that it was “awesome to witness.” Credit: Cory Lutz via Storyful

Video transcript

CORY LUTZ: So first time I've ever seen a tornado. That's pretty wild. Right over the top of the water. Really wild. One seriously wicked storm this morning.