'Sesame Street' Introduces New Character on 'Today'

On Today, Elmo and Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street dropped by to introduce to the world the newest character, Rudy. Rudy will be Abby’s new stepbrother. He’ll first appear on Sesame Street on HBO on Aug. 5; until then, he’ll just be getting to know his new friends.

“It was really scary at first because I didn’t know anybody. But Abby introduced me to everybody on the street, and then it was fun,” Rudy said.

Abby said that she and Rudy are getting along just fine, despite the fact that she’s a fairy and he’s a monster. And it looks like Rudy should get along just fine with Sesame Street’s celebrity guests too. He already knows how to massage their egos, like he did with country music superstar Brad Paisley.

“He [Paisley] plays the guitar real good,” Rudy said.

Of course, if Rudy’s going to be on a kid’s show, he should probably use proper grammar. He should have said Paisley plays the guitar “real well.”

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